A word from the MD:

Having spent over 16 years in Blue chip, corporate land I decided that I needed to move on and take my learnings to the marketplace. I created NMCB consulting.
Having worked for companies such as GlaxoWellcome (before it became the “monster”(GSK),  Orange (part of France Telecom) and Maritz UK (a subsidiary of the huge US research company) in a variety of roles dealing with all types of people from enginneers to Marketing managers through to Directors on all types of issues; non-production spares for a manufacturing site, multimillion pound sponsorship deals, cost reduction for print buying section and for those of you who remember it, the dreaded Y2K issues (was it a white elephant…?) In my time like most people I have been made redundant, brushed myself down, polished my shoes and got back on the gravy train but after a while I realised just like “The Who’s, Wont get fooled again… meet the new boss, same as the old boss…”

Well I decided that the golden handcuffs that these companies shackle you with had to be broken and I had to assist other companies with my knowledge of business and managment. After all, in my time in corporate land I have learnt and witnessed first hand, the good, the bad and the downright ugly and having been disolusioned with the ability of management of these powerhouses and if these organisations have issues, I thought, how must the small/medium business’s be coping, so I decided to assist these companies to be “the good” and not to be the other options!

NMCB consulting works in association with other like minded individuals and organisations to solve your business issues.